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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Machine- Part 3

At the same moment, his brother was sweating it out at the McDonald’s. A surge of energy seemed to hit him, like a secret bolt of lightning, customized to fit into his head. He saw his brother touching the machine. He saw him placing his hand on the top of the machine in high definition in his head.

This was not right.

It was his machine. No one could touch it. His thoughts almost had a dreamlike quality. His brother was mean to him and that was okay. He worked around the house and his brother seemed to lie around and that was okay. It was His machine and he had touched it. Now that was not ok.
It was evil.

He left without saying anything.


Ronnie stood there for a while, trying to comprehend. His brain felt like spaghetti. The machine did not feel like one. He hated it. He could feel hate, dripping out of his system, like a leaking tap. He did not want to be around it, especially when it tried to pull one of its stunts again.

(Are you insane? You sure are getting old Ronnie!)

He did not want to be around anymore. He wanted to be out of this place. He moved away with slow steps, facing the machine as he did it. He had a feeling that the machine would jump him if he turned. He slowly found the door. The machine seemed to be eyeing him, completely realizing that this was no friend. And Ronnie resented that thought building up inside his head. So he just tried to find the latch and shut that thought out. He finally found the latch and turned his back to the machine.

He felt eyes on his back. Staring and hot.

The door was open when he came, and Ronnie was gone.
He moved swiftly towards the machine, almost dashed. He went and touched the machine, almost caressing it. The machine was special to him. It was the one thing that was his and did not belong to his brother. He knew the machine was on his side. The machine would do right. The machine would only do his chores. Now that was a childish thought.

(Only your chores? You are going insane! Next is flying turtles!)

He thought of trying it out. But, he would begin with his brothers’ clothes. His could come later. With all these thoughts gurgling in his head like a stuck up drain, he put in the clothes. The knobs seemed to stare back at him with a cold gleam. He turned the knob and waited.

First there was nothing.

The machine then started. It began with a slow hum and was picking up sound in a steady crescendo. Soon the whole room was filled with its drone. Nothing unusual. It still did not sound like a ghost story. Nothing out of place was happening.

Not here at least.


Ronnie ambled through the streets still trying to get a hang of the situation. What had happened in the room was already fading. Fading. Fading?
He felt the memory slowly seeping out, a blob of paint trickling out from an upturned can.
He tried to hold it back. Soon he could remember that something had happened in the room that had made him freak out, but he could not remember what. Then he remembered that he was out here because the room was not the place he had wanted to be in.
Soon he realized that he was not supposed to be in the streets in the first place. He suddenly turned and started walking back. And he almost hit a car too.


[to be continued]


The Rat... said...

are u sure d WM and not u is the evil.... poor WM...

Only u cud twist around with words and make a gullible black WM as a evil thing..

Meira said...

:). Gets more sinister, doesn't it?:D

Chriz said...

am i reading the blog of the devil himself?

Preeti said...

Its whirring like a film reel...
i now have to read it carefully because there are two entitities and their reactions to keep track of...

Good going, man...!!!

HP said...

wow.. i'm loving every bit of this. NEXT PART, NEXT PART !!!!

AshenGlow said...

Heh.. Reminds me of my W Macha.. though it sure dint have any diabolic intent.. unlike what seems here.. :)

Waitin waitin waitin...

creation said...

Things are heating up, eh?
Next part please!

Nikki said...


Subuhi said...

Thanks For the comment Scribbler

Read your blog.... must say it's spookily impressive... keep up the good work

Zlaek said...

Aaahahhahahaha. This is the kind of fluff that renders having a good command over one's language, useless..

Unless this is actually your idea of constructiveness.

haritha said...

a gr8 blog..well nice post waitin for next..n thanks for d comment on am blog..keep posying and commenting.


rantravereflect/ jane said...

flying turles- lol..
ya sure have a wayy with words.. got back to part 1 n 2..
well, waiting to se how it turns out in the end..
is there a genial ending?
and yeahhh, i'm like that with my hairdryer... hate it if neone soo much as touches it.. n with my lappy too- like it's only mine- hate sharing it with bro :(:(

umangexuberance said...

I am totally hooked
when is the next part??
nad u have been blogrolled

Scribblers Inc said...

rat: Oh there are plenty more writers out there who are way better than this!Thanks for the compliments though! :D

Meira: OH that it sure does...wait till you read the next...did I spill it already?? :D

Chriz: Oh you wish my friend! But thanks for dropping by and being such a great critique! I really appreciate the effort! :)

Preeti: I am trying to put in the best...

HP: Comin right up! :D

Scribblers Inc said...

Ashen: The wait is over! :D

Creation: Right up!

Nikki: you have never "almost" been hit?

Subuhi: Welcome to the place! Grab a seat and enjoy! :)

Zlaek: Is that a compliment or an insult?Clear it up a littel no! :O

Scribblers Inc said...

haritha: Will do that! Keep coming! :)

Jane: I am the same with my guitar man!! :D

Umang: Its coming out today! :D

Think Tank said...

*holdin my breath*..next one now

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