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Friday, January 22, 2010

Breaking news!!

The entry sent into the "Clarity of Night" contest has managed to bag an "honorary mention"!! The unedited version of the story shall be put up soon on the blog. Till then, here is a story, which was done after Metamorphosis , incorporating a mix of narrative techniques. It also includes the staccato narrative that I used for the entry. Needless to say, feedback only makes a writer feel a writer, so drop in your words of wisdom, if deemed necessary.
Presenting, The Pill...

The Guy @ 12:05 p.m.
The biggest hallucination to live for is Life.
Right or wrong, good or evil, are like grapes on
A neglected table. Rotten or otherwise,
Who cares a shit?
Sometimes, the colors speak.
The red says its fading, the purple; rotating.
You want to stay afloat in this shithole, you gotta swim for
Life. Sometimes all you need is a telephone.
It gets you hooked or laid. Both or neither.
Sometimes or Always. You become the mirror after
The Pill. That’s when you see fangs and the burning eyes.
He is going to get you. I am the one. Time to shoot up to the stars.
The Room @ 12:20 p.m.
Torn wallpaper. Red and faded at places. Discarded needles from last month. Three legged table with flecks of cocaine. Bed with unwanted, dried stains. Blood, semen, puke. Necessarily not in that order. One eyed Bob Marley discarded cushion cover. One man lying in the corner, semi conscious. Waking and not liking. Misused telephone, being manhandled right now. Call the dealer. No purple.

The Dealer @ 12:35 p.m.
I don’t live to make the world a better place; no one does.
I scatter happiness though. A lot of it, sometimes.
I make you feel like being on a rainbow.
I make you see purple. I make your face melt and
then refreeze it. I make you feel Out of the Human and
Into the Soul.

Sometimes I make you feel bugs crawling all over.

It has to be just one pill this time. My rent is overdue.
I can’t let him die on me.

Not just yet.

The Pill @ 1 p.m.
I have landed.

Landing on a three legged table with specks of cocaine
for company doesn’t exactly make you feel like
Neil Armstrong. It makes me feel good though, that I am the
only one here. I will be gone in a while,
taking away guilt, pain, anguish, greed, hatred, neglect,
loneliness, jealousy, angst, disbelief, betrayal, lust,
redemption, loathing.

Can’t blame me. Gotta trip sometimes y'know…

The Guy @ 1:30 p.m.

Ever tried hypnotizing time? I have been doing it
for the past fifteen minutes. At one time, you want to
slow it down and shrink it at another. Sometimes you
want it to disappear, leaving you in a timeless,
I have taken the pill. I can feel it starting to happen.
I go to the other side of the mirror now. Reverse.
What's in Flow here, is always the Wolf there…
Menacing. I don’t like goin' in there, but then again;
What’s left of this side anyways? The watch says its
half past while I have been hypnotizing time for only a quarter.
I guess I have hypnotized time.Purple time. The red is getting brighter.
The reverse is beginning. I am going into the mirror now.

River. See.

m.p. 03:3 @ guy, The

Colors see I.
Life for Swim.
Guy, The; Am I? High, am I?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Writer's Itch...

Aloha invisibles!

I would pretend that a lot of you would be reading this and would also be pretentious enough to care as to what have I been upto! There's a lot of writing that I am churning out which would find a way into the blog soon. Till then, you could choose to chomp on an entry that I sent into a competition here. The entry number is 36.Do tell me what you think of the piece ( dontknowwhattacallit!) for your feedback is essential and appreciated.If you choose not to do do so, be prepared to be turned to ash by the upcoming friday the thirteenth.Also stay tuned for a new story coming soon!

Adios me pumpkins for now!

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