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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The Clarity of Night contest is on, and as always, yours truly has sent in an entry. Only this time around, it is unlike anything that I have ever written.

Its not dark.
Its not scary.
It doesn't chill.

Then WTF does it do???

Its a simple story. I would rather let it talk for itself. Check it out here and please tell me how you like it?

I am trying to put in fresh fiction on my own blog as well. Hope to come up with something which is worth the effort, atleast to me.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My Shocketry fever seems to be finally dying down, so you guys wouldn't have to look at any poetry coming from me for a while (unless you Really want it, in which case you could let me know in the comments. It was a joke. Haha. ) I am working on a short right now, which should be up in a bit (I Promise!). In the meantime, I thought I should update you guys about whats going on here.

The blog has been featuring at teabreak.pk for a while.

Also, the blogpost on Shocketry managed to get featured as a chosen post on "best web pages for poetry" for the 9th of July at the Paper presentation website, paper.li . See, I told you its a cool idea right? :)

I have been toying with the idea of playing with parallel narratives and somehow combine them with distortions in time. I have done both before and have been toying with the idea of clubbing them together to deliver some superawesomeness. If you guys have some cool brainwaves, I am all for it. Also, the guest blogging thing...um....anyone?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shocketry Reboot: The Bite

And so it was
That once, a boy
Not knowing what to do
Just closed his eyes
And made a wish
And hoped that it came true

‘Every word I say,
Must turn for real
And behave the way they mean
No dilly or dally,
Nor silly or sally
As real as could be seen!

It was all fun
With the moon and sun
And Stars and day and night
Then he felt a chomp
Not quite the romp
It was the word called BITE

Up and down
He scampered hard
With Bite holding his bum
Come rain or wind
Or Sun shine in
They were now the best of chums!

So the boy wrote a book
And christened it
“I’ll call you Bible cuz I can!”
Then he named the bite,
More out of spite
“Now on, I’ll call you MAN!”

(pic: Helix nebula, nicknamed "The Eye of God")

[Okay okay, I shall get back to writing fiction soon! Incase you are new here, this is a part of Shocketry which started last week here.  Two people followed suit and did their own shocketry here and here. Have you earned your shocketry badge yet? Also, I am looking forward to collaborate on fiction stories here or on Your blog. Any takers? ]
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