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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The birth of "Shocketry" and other important things...

Ola Amigos!! There is a lot of news updates this time. All of ‘em are good, for a change. Or let’s say I am keeping the morose stuff out of this place. Why would you want to ruin the mood at a Dark Fiction blog isn’t it? That was a joke I just said. Just so you know.
So the updates. The Facebook Page has zoomed past the 200 Likes mark. The blog here has also upped to 200 plus followers. What could I say but THANK YOU. I could have hugged each one of personally. No, seriously. Thank you.
I coined a new form of poetry. It’s called Shocketry or Shocking Poetry. I define Shocketry as nothing but Shocking Poetry. You could have your own definition. It could always be a good shock or a bad shock, the only condition being, it MUST have shock value! Your boyfriend growing horns. Your motorbike turning into a turtle. The school teacher turning into an octopus. Anything. Wild! Anyways, ‘nuff said. Here is my first attempt at it.

The Pumpkin’s Revenge

It was dark as night
And Jack sat down
On the night before Halloween.
With knife and pumpkin on his lap
All ‘ready’, if you know what I mean!

For years together,
 Jack always made
Lanterns Big and Small
And during Halloween, Jack o’ Lanterns shone
In the houses, one and all...

So on this night
Without a fright
Jack poised his knife on top
Before the blade could make the cut
He heard a grave voice say “STOP!”
“No more lanterns!”
The pumpkin said,
“We have taken this all too long!”
And before Jack knew, the pumpkin broke
Into a pumpkin song!

The song now over,
And Jack quite frozen
The result was very strange
Jack spoke not a word, nor did any gesture
For both seemed out of range

Next morning when
the villagers came
to take their lanterns home
It seemed just like any other Halloween
The way the years had known.

“This one looks like Uncle Jack!”
A child squealed looking at his piece
The villagers giggled
and praised crafty Jack, saying
“I think we should pay his fees!”

Jack now hangs
Outside a door
With a candle in his head
And if the poem scared you bad,
Make sure you don’t wet your bed!

[It was first published here and the blogger folks liked it! A real cool blogger took the cue and did her own Shocketry! Read her Shocketry here.  In case you find the Idea interesting , don't hesitate to do your own shocketry. Yes, I am pretty obsessed with how cool this can become. Infact, I even made a "Shocketry Writer" badge for you guys to pin up on your blog! :D
Feel free to copy the badge from below and put it on your site and put my link. Let me know in the comments section if you did any shocketry so I could put your link in my blog. See you soon!]

Presenting the SHOCKETRY BADGE:


kavita said...

Completely Shocketrized ! Cool blog !Added another like to your FB page .Thanks for your visit and comment.Glad to find your page :)

Mishree said...

First,thanks for visiting my blog!!and next,really cool poetry.i was actually wishing the pumpkin song would be included,though!!anyway...loved the thought and the flow.will keep coming back!!


mishree :)

Priyanka Kamath said...

I super duper love your shocketery :P
You're one creative mind !:)

Poulomi said...

WOW. :O :D


DawnZhang said...

Well, lol I tried doing a shocketry and it turned out like this

http://dawn-zhang.blogspot.com/2011/06/little-girl-blue-shocketry.html :D Blahh!

Elizabeth said...

Ohh I love it!!!!

Scribblers Inc said...

@kavita: Thank you so much for all the love! Hope to see you again soon!

@Mishri: Did I tell you, you have one of the awesomest names like Ever? and Yes! Thanks for dropping back!:D

Scribblers Inc said...

@Pri: Heyy! Thank you ever so much! Why dont you put in a lil shocketry yourself?? :D

Poulomi: thanks for liking it! Same goes for you too!

Scribblers Inc said...

Dawn: My partner-in-crime!! Good stuff! I already Loved your shocketry and its getting linked up in my next post! Get your friends to do it too! The Shocketry Badge goes out to you!
THAT rhymed! :P

Liz: Thank you so much for dropping by! Hope you take up the cue! :D

Nikita Banerjee said...

Creepy! Liked it though! :D

Raam Pyari said...

this is cool! loved shocketry!

Purba said...

He.he.. Jack and his Cindrella moment and it wasn't even midnight...

Jenn said...

I do love this poem. Shock value it does have!! I love the name Shocketry!! Very cool -- I look forward to reading more!!

Zeba said...

Woah. I like this Shocketry business. But I must confess that it is bothering my deeply that Google has put an annoying little red line under the word. I have a compulsive disorder to spell everything correctly. But but. I LIKE! :-)

And checked out and liked the FB page. Good luck with the book. Quite impressive.

Kathy29156 said...

This is awesome, plain and simple! I loved it. It would be great to see it again around Halloween!

Wonderful poetry, or sorry, shocketry!


oRange* said...

Oh its you! Yes, I had posted a comment ages back. I don't even remember on which one :|

And thanks for dropping by. That place is kinda dead now, so thought of dropping in a comment here!

How do I NOT have you on my blogroll. Hmmm :\
Coz you have some GREAT stuff here!

P.S: Hey! :D

Scribblers Inc said...

@Nikki: YAAY! Thanks a lot! :)

@Ram Pyari: Thanks for stopping by! Do come again! :)

@Purba: With me, you never know!! Thanks for stopping by! Do come again! :)

@Jenn: HEYY! Thanks a lot! Please get to doing some of your own too! I hope you shall keep your promise! :)

Scribblers Inc said...

@Zeba:Aw. A little more effort, and I am sure they will ACCEPT it as a real word! Thanks for all the love!:D

@Kathy: I shall make a promise to do a lot more halloween poetry...only if you and your friends do it too! :D

@Orange: GREAT to have you back here!:D

Dishita said...

badge for shocketry, lol!!!

Sach! said...

Shocketry Lol :) :) Me too wish to write one! May be an eggplant song.. I want a badgge too!

And FB page.. wade log! :O :O Lemme log on too...

Scribblers Inc said...

@dishita: HAHA! aint this blog a crazy place? I hope you got the badge for yourself! ;)

@sach: You didnt know bout the FB page? Strange! Get the shocketry badge for sure! Looks rather "interesting"! :P

lunatic on l00se said...

Hahahah!! Crazy idea I must say! I've been looking for strange forms of poetry and writing for my Creative Writing class and this sounds kickass!:P Hopefully I'll be a "Shocket" (?) soon! :)

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