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Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Brick In the Wall...

One year and one month ago, this blog had seen the first 
fruits of my writing endeavours; Cold Feet, my first book,
a collection of dark fiction shorts, had seen the light of the day.
The book got rave reviews from writers like Samit Basu(of Turbulence
and Gameworld Trilogy fame) and newspapers like Hindustan
Times, which carried a review of the book. Its time to lift the curtains
from my first Novelette and second book, REVENGE....

Options to order it coming soon. In case you want some particular detail about
this book or the previous one, feel free to contact me at insanemindfreak@gmail.com.
The Party, my dear friends, is now ON!!!! 

P.S.- The final part to Three Course shall be updated by tomorrow hopefully. Watch out
for that one as well! 
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