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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scattered Thoughts...

Everything that ever happened between us...was never real.

A falsehood always shrouding the truth.

An enigma waiting to be revealed...

a truth so real,a taste so tingling,a thought so revealing..

a Dream so Unnerving.

I wonder if I am real..and that’s when I see you...


What have you ruined ?

A shadow of betrayal as memories scream.

Once we were together in wonder,

wide-eyed and hand in hand,

but your thirst paled.

A vengeful pool of darkness .

Drops of blood follow night,

follow night.

Love bled dry.
In a rush of sorrow,

I hate you...

[The blog has been idle for a while so the apologies must happen. Better writing shall soon occur. Putting up poems which were written quite a while back but were never put up. Read, hate, whatever.]

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