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Monday, June 30, 2008

Taggers Park!!

Yes,it is.Most definitely.Trust me on this one.

Thanks for all the people who have shown me their knowledge on tags.I can bet my bubblegum that the blogosphere is a better search tool than the Wiki or perhaps Google itself.Ah, well , no wonder I bet my bubblegum!!;)
So here it goes, my first official tag...I would like to thank the humbl devil ,and lijy for tagging me with the same tag.
The oscar speech ends here. Let the "tag" begin!!

These are the rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog (here they are!)
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Ok, here goes.Since I am into books MAJOR, most would revolve round 'em.
1.I am a story writer at heart.However hard I try to convince myself about the theory that I dint take up print journo cuz its a dead end job,it always goes to the winds.Its just not true.I SUCK at "straight" writing!!
2.I love Goosebumps.Its the next best thing thats happened after Shakespeare(yes I have read that gook!!)And when I go back to school, I secretly lunge for the "seventh grade" bookshelf, cuz thats where all of them are kept.Oh did I mention Bug Files??Maan, thats like whack!!
3.I twirl the loose strands of my goatee sometimes when I am deep in thought.Or for that matter, when I am trying to go deep into thought.Yes, I do.
(I can picture you saying "Eww dude!!why dont you try Mars for a change??)
4.I love maggi even after I have eaten probably 52000 packs of it.(I am looking forward to them sponsoring my blog in the coming months...)
5.I still dont know how to work the washing machine out that I bought a month back.
6.I have been an avid player on the "Pirates" application in the near past on Facebook.I am a Level 251 Corsair Pirate with over 100,000 coins and level 69 Cannons, level 28 sails, level 10 hull and 17 crew!!(Gaaaawd!!Did you say you poke yourself for a living??)

Yes,thats from my end.As the rules say, I have to tag six people...so I choose durjoy, wily banter , rara avis , mishra , preeti , shayoni.

Do tell me what you think of me, as you now know me a lil better. I would be waiting... :)


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A - gen - SEE!!

Lets see, where were we?Nowhere?Ok Cool.Lets begin then!

I have just come back from an agency.An agency is a place where a lot of people sit with cool hairstyles and a lot of shimmy doing nothing mostly besides pretending to be crazily busy.There are people coming and going all the time and cool (where have I heard that word before??hmm) things scribbled on most cubicles.

This is what I saw on one:
24 HOUR.
Boom Shankar.

Besides this there was also the standard "I dont suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it" and blah de blah de blah.Creative. Right??

Thats what I thought.Then this jarhead along with another bucket decides to sit with me and asks me what ideas do I have about the client they are presenting.This was a "brief" meeting, where you get an idea as to what you should do; but no!!YOU(as in me that is) are the creative guy!!Say something creative!Come up with something that would rewrite advertising with ivory fountainpens( do they even make them??).And all that when I dont know jackpoop about the company. Came up with some spotaneous hogwash and he seemed happy.End of meeting.

Have to go back day after with some killer shit.Otherwise Wise Gonzalez asks the client to invest in some other station.
Two questions:
a)when Client A has to advertise in Station B, why the heck should some gook decide the fate of copywriter C?

b)why is Maggi available only in Masala and Chicken?(lets not even begin on Atta!!)

Third question (Optional)

c)what are tags anyways all about?

P.S.-I have a music player.It plays Mere Yaar by Advaita.Tell me how you like it!!:)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yes I am elated.Its like when kids compete on Orkut as to who has more scraps.Or friends.Or testimonials.Did I mention applications on facebook?They are up on orkut too now.So much for artificial applause!!Everyone likes a story.Heres one.

Brother was here for his admissions.Still is. Managed to scrape up an almost 85percent.Fantabulously Brilliant by my standards.Applied for an English Bachelor's in almost all colleges(except Rev. Stephens!!).Poor kid almost had a heart attack when he heard there are almost over 23000 applicants for the course in Hindu and KMC!!

"Tried" auditioning for theatre at certain colleges, but missed em cuz the dates happened to be displayed on a "later" day randomly on the college notice board.Missed checking them out because he dint trip to North Campus on a "particular" day.The first cut-off list comes out on the 26th, exactly days after admissions in Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai are done with. Oh and btw, classes for the new session seem to have already begun in a few cities as well!!

This kid has a good percentage.Has a State Player Cert for U-17 Cricket(considering Nationals...no luck there!!)an international cert in Dramatics and is almost melting away with worries everyday about his admissions.Oh and did I mention getting tricked by Delhi Autos twice in a week??

You might consider this post as ventings of a troubled elder brother. Look closer. Its actually whats become of education.

"We dont need no education..."
Well said Floyd.

Its not sympathy I seek.Its reason.


Thank you, thank you, for all the love....
akshay,trooper,s,neha, anindita,macademia,nomad, passionate,swayam,divita,tairebabs,vartika,preeti,mishtizaa,av, durjoy and all others who have read the posts and loved it.Sorry if I missed any.Thanks to all others who thought that the post was dumb, and dint leave a comment.Next time, I hope to see your brickbats in the comments!!:)

P.S.-Sounds like an Oscar speech, I know.Everyone loves feeling important once in a while!!:)


Friday, June 20, 2008


I am not an Atheist.I hate landlordism.


Anyone of you who has stayed off your house has must ave been through the gatekeepers of this faith.The demigods themselves, who, whether asked of, or not, decide to pay you a visit; irrespective of the faith you hold in them. Or much rather not hold in them.

My mom and brother are over.The guy (oh sorry, did I hurt your feelings Mr Landlord?GLAD IF I DID!!) decides to keep a watch on my movements.

8:30 (evening) :walking home from office, scraping actually.Landlord Standing.
9:15 (morning) :going to office with tomato-red eyes.Landlord Standing.
10:15 (night-time):strolling with brother.Landlord Standing.

8:45(morn tooth brush time): mom opens door expecting the friendly neighbourhood garbage guy.Voila!!!LANDLORD STANDING!!!

I went in to check up on his morning proceeds to my abode and heres what he tells me "tumhara bijlee meter...kuch gadbad hai".
Cool.Agreed.Getting late for office.Bye.
While leaving, "beta...tumhari family se koi hai??Acha beta rent..."

I cut him short "kuch din mein chale jayenge.Bhai ka admission hai DU mein."
I disappear.Out of sight, out of mind.Out of earshot too.

I win.:)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Its official now.I am a certified non-proffesional at blogger.com.

Yes.You can laugh now.

If you happen to skip through my previous post, you would notice the little trouble I had with the shiny little circular music player I had, which happened to have a superntural liking for some totally stoned, soupy and garbled Marilyn Manson song(I am NOT sorry to hurt sentiments right now!!).Little did I know that was just the beginning of an unending series of online nervous breakdowns.
Sharing is caring.I wanted to share Advaita and Parikrama.Wanted a music player and a counter.The counter is there along with a set of incomprehensible set of Html jargon.However hard I tried, I could not get rid of it.The counter seems to be working though.So what if it has a bunch of useless characters in tow.Its still counting.
Oh...everytime I reinstalled it, it happily slipped to zero.Devoiding me of a hanful of hits that I anyways get.Its working now and I dont intend to fiddle for some time.
The music player. I got one. It plays Manson. I have told that one before.
The darned "counter" wins this round.

My search for a "personalised" music player started. A bit of googling landed me into google gadgets. Got one widget, which refused to play my song.Totally was against it.It was black and apparently had a preset 200 songs which werent from any of the bands that I had heard in my entire existence.Clear the playlist and you could not put your song either.No siree, no luck there.

Next up was a HTML code that I pilfered from some help blog on blogspot.Put the HTML in place.All I got was purple box staring back at me like a dumb lil oriental vase from China.

A Music player still eludes me.Words of Advaita echo...

Seeking searching, Trying to find...
Waiting watching...
Dont know why....


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

soul subzee...

Yes,I have done it again.
My unfailing genius with blogger continues.I picked up this shiny new music player from some strange widgetland and now it happily sits on my blog. But unlike my wishes it continues to pipe out some stoned Marilyn Manson track.There is no way I have been able to change the song or make a playlist out of it.There is nothing to do except ogle at it.
I forgot to bring in a copy of the letter which is sposed to go the HR. Delayed. Moms pissed. Someone wants me to add a blog to my favourite list of blogs.Have to figure that one out.And I thought Rocket science was complicated.
"Mere Yaar" by Advaita, "Snow" by RHCP.After a forced abolition of Maggi in my life, my mind does a volte-face again. Ordered for maggi.I am still listening to Marilyn Manson. Like or unlike...dislike??
Brain's noodling again.Hail all ye bloggers...

Monday, June 16, 2008


Another new day.It doesnt look different from tommorow tho.
It was raining yesterday.Its muddy today.
Puddly brains,
puddly drains,
Crickets chirping in the rain...
I was fiddling with the settings of the blog and ended up disabling the comments. As a result, the blogs of the 13th had to be republished again, with enabled rants.Was starting to wonder, if life itself should have a similar tab where you could leave comments. Wouldnt be a great innovation tho, with all the apparent "constructive" criticism already existant without this toolbar!!
Weekend was a blink.Concert on Saturday with younger brother, pile-ons in Ddavidds car(thats how he spells it).There was prince too.The vital stats at this point become necessary;
Ddavidd: height-6ish;weight-120 kgs
Prince: height-same; weight-105 kgs
brother: height-6'3"; weight-78 kgs
me: N.A.

The car was a santro.It first got towed from a no parking after which we salvaged it by payin 200 bucks.The concert had Advaita and 5 eight (five 8??) doin a pretty decent job...actually very decent. Head took a smashing at the concert and kept throbbing for 3 hours hence.
Sunday was lazy.Rains, slush, mud.Slush, mud, rains.Flush, dud, pains.
Bought a washing machine.Doesnt wash bad memories.Bummer there. :(

Turned an exec today.Lil more spending power, lil more saneness...Sum total of a lot more obstacles to come.Its raining.Had breakfast cuz mum's over.House looks like a suite.Putting a little "color" this time.
Moral: No maggi for breakfast.Maybe later.

My mind is not a devil's workshop anymore. Its not the angel's factory either.

Great Wor(rie)ds...

Why great worrieds??I really dont know if I am slipping into this...and if I am...I dunno if its for the good or the bad...the following scribbles are exactly me..down to the "rags"(my torn denims)..lemme know what you think of them...the words I mean..another blog follows...thanks to Av, swayam and Nomad for reading paperbags...thats where this blog would be if not for the Internet!!

I am Al-Kahira, the conqueror of nonsense and flowers.

I am grateful for my stupidity, admitted easily, yet I am
concerned with specific details of style as I sit here in rags.

By circumstance and not by choice this shrub has blossomed:
by choice and not by circumstance this life has been kept

I made an effort and found stuff to ignore, leave rusty things
I neglect the spectacular and overlook the apparently
important with deliberation.

I’ve waited aeons for the reversal of my interests: Now life
has become the joke and sweetness and hilarity of my own
thoughts have turned into a fascination for me.

No matter what anyone tells you: I do not belong to any
creed or sect, culture or race, nor to any period in history.

My only qualification is the age of my soul: I own three
palaces of quiet pre-dawn moon sound.

Humiliation is my clothing that I wear to sit and bark with the
dogs. I disconnect like dusk and most likely no one will bring
flowers to my grave.

I am ardent without deed and I am information zero,
unimportant iridescent: Grand Palace of Mercy.

Till now I stayed in one place not avoiding you:
now that the traditions are beginning to dissolve, I
put on my wintercoat and walk away.
Business done.

My contemporaries have declared society to be the central
item and are discussing things of importance as
I am speaking to you now.

As my mother taught me to, I keep to myself a lot.

I am the lover of trees, found worthy of loneliness.

I could be the postman, the milkman, the sick person,
the transvestite.
It takes one to recognize one…

I am the unknown dervish.

But it rained...

But it rained...
Wrapped in a polythene tucked away safe in my mind
A little goodbye maybe or just a passing smile
The birds fly away to the southern sky searching a home
A bunch of paper flowers or a little boy left all alone
Can somebody hear me I'm screaming from so far away
Morning who will calm you now, the evening is eclipsed again
Well does life get any better
More yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow.
But it rained . . .
They justified the cause for which Daddy might give up his life
It's been so long, so long a time, still I miss Daddy at night
The ache is long gone but the never keeps staring along
The waters in the seas are highand all the sand castles have drowned
Well does life get any better
More yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained . . .
It rained today...washing away all the distaste in the air...cleaning up the air of the muck..and clogging drains and roads instead....A load of toads on the road...weird rhymes...no maggi today..concepting for the Almond Association of California...I am indeed the unknown dervish...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back in checks!!

Wish it was "back in black"...but my shirt's checkered today.so is my mind.moms here for my bro's admission.wants to bachelor in English...So did I...I am still "bachelorish"...not in English tho..
I return to blogging...decided to clean a few webs which were clogging up the blog...and came across words of appreciation...for maggi..and I thought I might get back to what I am best at...nothing.
As the great sage Calvin puts it (ref. Calvin and Hobbes); "theres never enough time to do all the nothings you want in life", I find myself facing the same predicament. I sip coffee...the sugar dont feel the same...R.I.P goldfish..I go back home to an empty room and an empty fishbowl.
Oh wait...(thinks)..my mom and bro are here...its not empty...oh...I ordered maggi again.
What play would you present if a theatre was called "Dream Theatre"?
Oh...I know that one!! "As you like it"!!

lost it...need maggi...laters.
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