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Monday, June 16, 2008


Another new day.It doesnt look different from tommorow tho.
It was raining yesterday.Its muddy today.
Puddly brains,
puddly drains,
Crickets chirping in the rain...
I was fiddling with the settings of the blog and ended up disabling the comments. As a result, the blogs of the 13th had to be republished again, with enabled rants.Was starting to wonder, if life itself should have a similar tab where you could leave comments. Wouldnt be a great innovation tho, with all the apparent "constructive" criticism already existant without this toolbar!!
Weekend was a blink.Concert on Saturday with younger brother, pile-ons in Ddavidds car(thats how he spells it).There was prince too.The vital stats at this point become necessary;
Ddavidd: height-6ish;weight-120 kgs
Prince: height-same; weight-105 kgs
brother: height-6'3"; weight-78 kgs
me: N.A.

The car was a santro.It first got towed from a no parking after which we salvaged it by payin 200 bucks.The concert had Advaita and 5 eight (five 8??) doin a pretty decent job...actually very decent. Head took a smashing at the concert and kept throbbing for 3 hours hence.
Sunday was lazy.Rains, slush, mud.Slush, mud, rains.Flush, dud, pains.
Bought a washing machine.Doesnt wash bad memories.Bummer there. :(

Turned an exec today.Lil more spending power, lil more saneness...Sum total of a lot more obstacles to come.Its raining.Had breakfast cuz mum's over.House looks like a suite.Putting a little "color" this time.
Moral: No maggi for breakfast.Maybe later.

My mind is not a devil's workshop anymore. Its not the angel's factory either.


Swayam said...

congrats with the exec thing... and i believe the insane are sanest of them all... anyways the whole idea of insanity is highly subjective...

Scribblers Inc said...

aah...thats the subject I am doin a major at...:)

Trooper said...

hey.. i added ur blog to my favs and put a link to it.. so would appreciate it if u cud do the same! Cheers!

durjoy datta said...

super read!!!!
loved it!

Hail all bongs!

Scribblers Inc said...

thats like a first authors visit...
Glad you like the tidings...was planning to christen it "paparbag diaries".

noelia ~ said...

i already get comments from people about my life, wouldn't like to have them written down or something lol

Scribblers Inc said...

noelia:thanks for tripping by!!:)

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