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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quick Update!

Hiya folks!!

Will be at IIT Delhi on 24th September (TODAY!!) at 3.30 pm for the book launch of Seven Deadly Sins by Serene Woods publication, a compilation of winning short stories judged by me. My books Revenge and Cold Feet would also be up for sale as well. Be there for your signed copies! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Am I a writer?

Is a writer like one of the thousand scattered, among the sea dream that we pass off as the sky?

As the cosmos, or the milky way?
What defines you?

What combines you,

As a human being or a multi celled organism

Trying to be what you probably wouldn’t even be

In your waking lives?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The City

I am the ruins of a forgotten city.
A city which is now a half baked jigsaw of broken down monuments.
You may call these monuments buildings,
for they once were built on the foundations of character and a vague semblance of humanity.
There are building of tears,
Arches of guilt,
Unending pathways of remorse
Blind-turns of faith, hope and agony.
I am still alive.

The city is still alive.
Alive and dead in the same moment of space time.
There are crumbling bricks of men and decaying concrete women.
They were complete once, now , only pictures.
Installations in a gallery which no one visits.
Flickering images and broken dialogue on television sets
Soaps with anonymous actors, playing out unknown stories,
Broadcasted on channels which don’t exist.
I hear music.

The city has music.
Jarring, itching notes created on a violin
Made out of broken furniture and high tension wires.
It goes on and on, like the unending leak lying unrepaired
At the house which plays the soaps.
The city is empty and full.
Loud and quiet.
I am the city that you cross, looking out of train windows
Visiting places that you think you know.
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