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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shocketry Reboot: The Bite

And so it was
That once, a boy
Not knowing what to do
Just closed his eyes
And made a wish
And hoped that it came true

‘Every word I say,
Must turn for real
And behave the way they mean
No dilly or dally,
Nor silly or sally
As real as could be seen!

It was all fun
With the moon and sun
And Stars and day and night
Then he felt a chomp
Not quite the romp
It was the word called BITE

Up and down
He scampered hard
With Bite holding his bum
Come rain or wind
Or Sun shine in
They were now the best of chums!

So the boy wrote a book
And christened it
“I’ll call you Bible cuz I can!”
Then he named the bite,
More out of spite
“Now on, I’ll call you MAN!”

(pic: Helix nebula, nicknamed "The Eye of God")

[Okay okay, I shall get back to writing fiction soon! Incase you are new here, this is a part of Shocketry which started last week here.  Two people followed suit and did their own shocketry here and here. Have you earned your shocketry badge yet? Also, I am looking forward to collaborate on fiction stories here or on Your blog. Any takers? ]


activeprocrastinators said...

'a boy'? can we go into some bit of a feminist critique of that? No?
'a wish'...presupposing him (a slash and her?) to be the point of origin, then the wish was directed where? pre-origin?
'not knowing what to do'...suggesting birth out of idleness?
'I'll call you MAN!'...very very tempted to return to the first proposed framework of critique..

generosity, however, prevents me.
verdict- Shocketry Reboot= 'like'

The Blue Periwinkle said...

This was awesome. :)

Red Handed said...

Tht was quite a chunky bite :p

loved it!

Thelonius Bostik said...

beautiful, man; mind bending.
bring your vision to my blog and share the intergalactic love:
Models From The Earth

Jenn said...

Awesome Shocketry!! I did attempt it but it was more shocking and not really any poetry... you can find it here:
Is He Okay?
Cheers, Jenn

The Lover said...

Bite me! I'm gonna soon ask you to guest post on my blog. :)

Scribblers Inc said...

@active: Thank you so much. Your impeccable deconstructional techniques never fail to baffle...

Blue Periwinkle: Thanks! NOW will you do some shocketry? :D

Scribblers Inc said...

Red handed: Thank you! What I said for periwinkle, goes for you! You guys make me feel like I am talking to elves!

Thelonius: Thank you...I shall check out your blog soon! :)

Scribblers Inc said...

Jenn: YES!! Another shocketry writer! My club is growing...get your pals to do it too? :D

The Lover: Aw! I shall Bite you for sure! And yes, waiting to do that blog post! :D

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DawnZhang said...

Aha! Wonderful :D Funny too. Love it hehe :D

Scribblers Inc said...

@cricket world Cup: Don't spam this place please? And No, I dont want your 'WEBSTIE' !!

@dawn: Haha...thanks a lot! whats up? did any more of the shocketry? :)

Tony Payne said...

Cool, I like it.

Jack said...

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Iniyaal said...

:-) Good one... I am gonna check up on more of your shocketry posts.

Illeen said...

Like *thumbsup*

Shaan said...

Really a good one...Liked it

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Thanks :)

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