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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quick Update!

It is time for a quick update!!
Yes, dont give me that weird look. You thought only News Channels could do that?

There has been a lot of action in my life of late (NO! Not what you are thinking! Real, Physical Action! Ok you know what, forget about it. :| )

First, there was an accident. Not like the Genesis/Bible types. This happened on the road.
I was pillion on my bike and escaped unhurt. The guy who was biking got six stitches. Yeah, well.

This happened before the Actual first accident mentioned above. So you could call this the Zero Accident.

My guitar got a hairline crack. Yes. Hairline. I am almost dying.

A stupid B-grade CGI Hollywood flick later, which I couldnt even finish (COVENANT!), I am a little wiser.
I will stick to the basics. I am getting back to the Matrix Trilogy. Again. Good ol'.

There was Purani Dilli cuisine too, but thats okay; part of my life mostly now. Atleast, thats what I would like to believe.

More importantly, I have started writing at The Writer's Lounge too. An older story called Room For Rent now features there, as my first post. Go read it here. New short story coming up soon. There is also a lot of activity happening here . Thats my Facebook Page. Yes, I am famous enough to have my OWN facebook page. Join it! :D


adrielleroyale said...

Accident? Hairline crack?? Fame?!? The writer's lounge!! :) Busy busy! Glad to see you're back in the swing of things! I think the Room for Rent was one of the first I read of yours :) How very cool to have another place to showcase your skills! Anyway thanks for stopping by, it has been a long time! ;) Still pluggin away, trying to keep coming up with original and creative/expressive stuff...I'm thinking I may need to take a month off from writing though, but I don't think I'm established enough to do that either LOL! Anyway, just trying to kick the wheels and make em turn! ;)

Red Handed said...

A hairline crack on your Guitar!!
That is worse than Justin Beiber dying after chronic asphyxia caused by his own hair. Umm maybe thats my fantasy :/

On a serious note, even i have this wonderful facebook page, exclusively made for me by my brat of a brother. 'MY SISTER IS THE DEVIL.'

How cheerful isnt it? :P

This is a wonderful place too.
So sir you are gonna be stalked starting now!

sajeevkmenon said...

Nice blog! Looking forward to reading your stories:))

Sach! said...

Hola! How's you Mr. ACTION Hero! Or wait is action your middle name? Lol!

It's been long since I dropped by.. and so on reading your post I first felt you were getting married. ;-))

Rebecca said...

Hey! I think new delhi may be a little far for me to mail jam since I haven't quite perfected the kind that is shelf stable :)

But thanks so much for coming over to my blog and commenting, that was super sweet of you!

Scribblers Inc said...

@adrielle: Haha...totally! I am glad you checked out the other blog. Hope you like the stuff coming through! :)

@red handed: we share the same fantasy; funny coincidence dont you think? :D
Sibling are exactly the same. Even my younger brother is. Except he is yet to make my hate page. :P
And please be my guest and stalk. And while you are at it, get a few friends to do it as well! :)

Scribblers Inc said...

@sajeev: thank you! Glad you like the stuff...feel free to trawl through the archieves! :)

@sach: Ach! What makes you think I would get married??? No marriage bijness! and welcome back! :D

@rebecca: Aw! You actually came all the way to this blog to reply! :)
In that case, I shall make sure that I come to your place and have the jam...hope it wouldnt make an unwanted guest out of me! :)

Neers said...

whoa!! ouch! and wow!!

Scribblers Inc said...

@neers: quite expressive! :D

Aditi said...

"OMG", for the guitar thing. Even mine almost died a few months back.Its head was slashed into two. The sky was grey and the monsoon was near. And my guitar lay on the bed, but no blood trickled. We cried together, the song of farewal. The climax was near. Even the police arrived to end the scene (just like bollywood movies, when the police makes it appearance to show the 'The End' board).

However, the carpenter was the hero. He stuck it back together with glue. In 24 hours, Mathew was back, as good as new, in a double role. All was good. It even rained in the end.

How's the guitar now? Good? Breathing?

The Lover said...

Hey! Loved your shocketry on TWL. Love your blog even more. Count me as a regular now. :)

Hyperactive maniac said...

:O :O :O accident!!!???? i have to find out about such things through a BLOG POST!!! badtameez!!
my condolences for the guitar!!
and congresslesson for 'the writer's lounge' bit! :)
its high time, i update my blog as well!! *makes note to self*

Scribblers Inc said...

@aditi: Yes, the guitar is doing pretty good now, thank you. Only, I am keeping it inside the cover most of the time now, and would advise you the same. Monsoons/moisture may not be good for Matt.

@lover: Thank you ever so much! :)
Do keep coming for I update it as regularly as possible!

@maniac: one new reason why you should come here more often. :P
And is anyone looking forward to mid july? :D

Ess! said...

i had to commnt here, but i got so cot up in gettin my shit togethr...i read it but cudnt write. hope u find a ur type of new guitar soon.

Writer's lounge sounds pretty cool!


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