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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Of Weekends and Wishes...

Phew! Thats probably the perfect word to choose from the English language that would best describe the weekend gone by. Let me wrap it up quickly before you get bored. Saturday saw the Writer's Meet take place at Cafe Coffee Day, Outer Circle Connaught Place, registering a decent attendance by old and new. The highlight of the event was Nigerian author Onyeka Nwelue, author of the award winning novel, The Abyssinian Boy. While he chatted along about his book, his works underway and foray into crossover films, we sat there, bug eyed, glad to have met another of our ilk. After exchanging books with him( my 'autographed' copy with his!) we finally bid our goodbyes. The next day proved to be more bombastic than the first. A Book Club, an initiative by some of the best of the Delhi Univ frat managed to rope in none other than Tasleema Nasrin! While I sat and chatted with her, yours truly died. Here's why:

Tasleema: So you are a writer?
Me: Yes.
Tasleema: Do you read and write Bengali?
Me: Yes ofcourse!
Tasleema: Will you translate my works?
Me: Dies!!!

If that was not all, I also managed to grab a copy of her latest work No Country For Women and got it personally signed by her. A candid chat with her proved to be more illuminating and inspiring than most wikipedia trawlings and random reads that I have done in my life.
Oh, and before you dismiss the blog for turning into a "Dear Buggardly Diary" kind-of-a-place, here's promise of bringing in fresh fiction shortly. I have become active on twitter( please refer to sky colored box in the right side) and my fiction has managed to manifest itself there as well. I have started something called "Twitter Flash Fiction" and the experiments can be seen in the box on the right. Besides, Mere Yaar by Advaita has finally made an exit. There is fresh music!! Temme how you like it! :)

Adios till next time!


Nikita Banerjee said...

Lucky you meeting the writers! I would love to come for a writers meet. And I will be relocating to Delhi...so let me know. Can I come?

Dipti said...

wow congrats :) you're going places

played Malhar on the playlist... soothing! and its raining outside. perfect

Vinnie said...


congrats dude, nice to know the ways of the high and mighty writers!!
thanks for sharing this ;)

Raj said...

insane mind freak? lovely.
congrats mahn. i am sure you had fun.
if only erich segal was alive

you finished a novel? how accomplished. i started a few and never got to the part where i actually end, re edit and publish them :P
hope that changes this year :P

keep writing. and i will keep reading

Sovina said...

congratulations for the novel :)..and CCD outher circle..it was near to my office and i used to go there so many times..good old times :)


shallowabyss said...

nice to hear u people had a great time at the meet.. and i think u invited me for the same if i am not being too presumptuous and a pompous ass at the same time... Congratulations for the book..:) and the songs are really nice... :)

Scribblers Inc said...

Niki: Be my guest...nothing feels better than fresh writing at the coffee shop meets...Oh, and coffee to go along! :D

Dipti: Check out the rest of the stuff...these guys are all college people...can you beat it?

Vinnie: heyyy...thanks!! And no high and mighty...few of us just have a quick run of luck sometimes...and people like you egg us on!thanks for being around! :)

Raj: I am yet to get around to a novel...this is a short story collection! And yes, do trip again! :)

Sovina: Ehhhh!! You should have been around...I hope I can be a high and mighty, like Vinnie likes to say...and do a book launch in the states someday! :)

Shallow: Yes! this was it! And glad you like the music! :)

AlooFar said...

Brilliant writing. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Heathcliffs Girl said...

You are one lucky child!

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