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Monday, August 23, 2010


” Wow! where did you get this one from?”

“Got it off the SETI project.”

“Wo! The one where they are trying to find extraterrestrial intelligence?”


“Hey! Wait a minute…this looks familiar…isnt this…”

“(sighs) Yeah…It is. But how does that make a difference now?”

“Er…I don’t know…shouldn’t it? I mean…don’t you feel anything anymore?”

“You know what? I don’t know! I mean how would it matter now?”

“I don’t know…It should have…it does to me atleast!”

“Yeah whatever!”, he said, firing up the engines now. “We anyways have a long way to go…next I know, you would be cribbing about this place too! What does the picture do to you anyways?”

He looked deeply into the picture for a while and placed in in front of the dash. As they strapped in and blasted off, he finally said,
“It makes me feel homesick…”

(originally written for flashfiction.in, where I have recently started contributing. Check the site here. )


AP said...

Very interesting. Funny too, in - dare one say? - an almost impish way!

Blots Of Ink said...

Extremely well written! The last line took it away! :)

The thought was touching.


Trinaa said...

I like it. Immensely so. Short, crisp, spot on. But sort of predictable don't you think?

Well, you wanted my opinion!

Scribblers Inc said...

AP: Hey, thanks for dropping by! Your blog reads amazing too! :)

Blots of Ink: Aah, I see someone likes my writing! Thanks for comin by, and do come again! :)

Trinaa: haha! Well, honest opinion indeed, but putting that title was intentional too...I have a hunch you wouldnt be sayin the same thing had I got a different title! :)

AshenGlow said...

Wow.. thats some extra terrestrial talk! :)



Scribblers Inc said...

Ashen: YO ashen! How are you! Glad you still make it here! :)

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