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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hometide musings...

A roller coaster trip, spanning three cities, three modes of transportation, countless relatives, changes of weather, and so much more, finally wraped up today morning, as I set foot into the City of Djinns. What caused the entire whirlwind of events and occurences? The Big Fat Indian Wedding!!!

It started with a flight from New Delhi to Kolkata on the fourth of August. With just about three hours of sleep in my kitty, me and my brother landed in an extremely sticky/sunny Kolkata at about ten in the morning. Close to an hour later, I was finally united with my family and a gazillion relatives. Most of the remaining trip has been trying to piece together the most complex jigsaw of the extended Indian hierarchial family. The only other high point is anybody's guess; people tryin to get me set up with some "sweet girl who sings like an angel!" Your's truly has managed to return, if I am allowed to use the word; "unscathed"! If anyone of you actually wants to know what transpired in the ten missing days, lemme know, and I shall endeavour to post about it. No guarantees about how it shall turn out. Looking forward to a writers meet this weekend and a quick meetup for the graphic novel. Also in the offing is fresh fiction fiwting. Sorry, writing.
In other news, Clarity of Night turned out to be a flop show this time.I managed to get into the forties club though. The Forties Club, is a special system of marking where to qualify as a finalist, you gotta make a forty out of forty five. Thats the only accolade that I managed this time. Any which ways, here is the entry that I sent in. If nothing else, its gonna be a part of my next collection of shorts! Presenting, The Maker.

The Maker

Make it shine…

Light bouncing off the million faces, sunshine is a sliver of broken glass meant to cut through your defenses. Shimmery, radiant. Let it slice through the barriers of your psyche, like melted butter. You must. You will.

Every single one screams.

I block it; it’s my job. Bawling, screaming, a pile of thrusting limbs, a growing confusion. Material. Raw. I create their Nirvana, I design their enlightenment. I am blocking every single emotion trying to clutch at me, as I work on them, one at a time. The rest continue screaming, a desperate mass, but I ignore them. I am paid for this.

They look me right in the eye before going.

I am a preserver; I have never killed. I separated what you did not want; would never have wanted. You will never see those eyes; all you would see are the colors and a respiring brilliance. ”No stone”, you said…”something real!” I only delivered what you asked for. I turned the mundane into a masterpiece. The ones that go are never missed; they really don’t go now, do they?

Turn, turn, turn. Shine. It’s nothing but a stone now. It won’t scream anymore. Won’t look you in the eye. Won’t question your purpose. Glitter. You never need to know what it was; all you see is what I turned it into. I did it for you. Stones never have a heart, unless it’s a heart of stone.

Forget your useless jewels now; wear a soul...


Nomad said...

Welcome back

lakeviewer said...

Wow, am awed by your writing! Benvenuto al mio blog!

Tazeen said...

Wow. That was great. *thumbs up*

Nikita Banerjee said...

A break is always welcome na? A cool post!

Senorita said...

@ Loved this story, had to read it three times and came to a different conclusion each time (call me dense but that's what I liked about it).
For some reason this reminds me of the film "Perfume- The story of a murderer'.
Do write about the missing 10 days, with more emphasis on Kolkata, for it is a place that is on my 100 places to visit before I die list :)...Hopefully I will get a chance to go there in November 2010, have a big fat wedding to attend... yipiee!!!

AshenGlow said...

:) Aahhh kolkata.

as for the long lost relatives, at least there was a shaadi and you got them all together. I usually get a mini pilgrimage in Kerala to meet every one of mine. Phew! N'thless seems like you had fun this side of the tide! :)

As for the meet, twas very sweet of you to have put in a word with me. Me caught up with something serious things this time. Feel so sorry you'll miss my glorious company.. ;) Some other good time for sure!


Purple said...

hello Mithun,

Abstract, yet flying to a decipherable point. That is amiable.:)
the final thought is gripping.

Love your blog.


Scribblers Inc said...

Nomad: Thank you! :)

Lake: Thank you so much! Next time, I will try to reply in your own tongue! :)

Tazeen: Thanks much. Great to have you here!

Nikita: Well said. How long before you hit Delhi?

Senorita: Brilliant movie that! Grand stuff weddings are...not for me yet!

Ashen: Ah jeez...indeed my un-privilage to have missed you! Do get in touch, cuz I have would hate to have you avoid the next meet! :)

Purple: Ah royalty at my blog, finally! Glad you like the place! Feel free to hang around! :)

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