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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Rusty lament through a weathered whistle.

A dark silhouette covers the waking hours
of the watchman.

Fathers make sons count stars on it,
sitting atop terraces.


Nameless, shameful.

Races, vengeful;
of being eaten within
by the monstrosity christened Fate.

These faces roam the street corners,
devoid of variety;
You wouldnt remember either if you
crossed one.

The watchman sees them totter,
watches them pile upon the gutters.


He now pauses and smiles,
for he has seen this down centuries.

Ageless, the Watchman made them walk;
right into the bowels of cursed fate
and Hoped.

Hoped that one day,
the faceless man would look up
and see the stars,
the ones his father showed him upon forgotten terraces.

But he doesnt.

The watchman shakes his head and walks back
into the first wisps of dawn.
For The New Day, has begun.


VickY said...

this had that dark feeling to it..i loved it.More like this would be heartily welcomed


Preeti said...


Nomad said...

hey, how you doing? It's been a while, I moved to Bombay and well it's a crazy life... You still at it with the subfusc...cool!

vatsal said...

hey sup its been long tym :)

how are things at your end??

btw ...post huh! :)

Anonymous said...

I am unable to understand the poem but Yes, I appreciate And the song in zindagi ke raho mein aae gum tu akela nahi hai...
kya baat hai.

AshenGlow said...

Profound... Wonder whether all of them think like that...

Have a great Diwali btw dear ol' Scribbler... :)


Gagan said...

I am BACK! :D
This one was deep and dark....I likes it! :)

Pallav said...

Oh nice!

Inner calm said...

nice post. i got goosebumps.

Hyperactive maniac said...

sinister...i love...

Little Girl Lost said...

amazing feel of the night... deliciously dark and sinister... and very very lonely...
new poem... come n read.

limpidus said...

I like how you turn imponderable ideas into such marvellous pieces.

Sup! said...

DARK! I love Dark.

And yes, I'd like to invite you to my blog post. How lame of me!

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