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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hateful Past Midnight


Or rather, amazed.

We stared deep into the half mooned' eyes
counting stars, counting skies
counting raptures, laughs
and Lies.

A social exclamation declares
we are two souls
forged to be one.

The burning sun
beats upon desires
Passion's naked fire
chooses to play Shylock.

We held hands
played "the whisper".
Lovesick juveniles
out on a death spree.

Our eyes wounded,
stripped and strangled the soul.
The soul does not question.
It waits for the end.


The love is done.
The mush now bleeds dry
through half hearted gashes
on the wrist.

Why do I bleed
when I try to cut You away?
Why does guilt over remorse hold sway?

Within a day
Within a say
Within cupid's rotting clay.

The moment captures it.
And whats left behind,
is The Moment...


Meira said...

That's what love does, I guess

Preeti said...

chai glass slipped from numb fingers. broke into a million sparkling fragments.
angsty, fiery and scary.
i stopped breathing when i read this.
i am always amazed at the unimaginable things that poetry does to the senses. this poem's like one of those benchmarks and i shall wait to see if someone else can surpass it. i have my doubts though... unless i do it myself...


Utopia said...

:-) how've you been?

Little Girl Lost said...

Why do i bleed, when i try to cut you away...
such exquisite pain... such beautiful expression... loved it :)

go-phish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
go-phish said...

I am alive and kicking. SO glad to have you around as well! :D

how can one stop writing when there is still so much to write about?

if nothing else, lets look at the 'old' shall we? i'm sure the eyes with which we now see, are brand sparkling over-the-top new.

Im verbose now! SEE how happy you made me?

ps- i shall leave the compliments of your work to your other one thousand fans :)
im lazy that way,
and contradictory.
isnt life fun? *beams*

humbl devil said...

hmmm...i have to confess, i have been sporadic...
good to have you around buddy...

i used to read ur posts in my subs..wqas just too lazy to comment...

Nikki said...

good to see you update! :)

Samata K said...

hateful past midnight. :)

Mystique said...


what happened to the spine chilling fiction? Aw, you've gone all mushy.

swati said...

Good to see you active again.
Keep writing!!

Sneha said...

'lovesick juveniles
out on a death spree'
blows my mind away :D

Zlaek said...

Sir, as usual, has chosen to reveal some, and hide some- of all that he wishes to tell...

Though I wasn't able to establish too much relevance between the first two and the next two verses (I NEED it! can't help, no) but eventually, it all fell in place :D

Few expressions from the second half touched me because they were so real. Love you for giving us a break from the creepy crawly things you write. It had been forever since you wrote something that I could understand :)
Thank you.

This time....
No ripping, only clapping :D

"sorry excuse for a poem"

The Dude said...

nice poem.
you got some skill man, keep at it.

ice_fire said...

Vivid.. Beautiful poetry..

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