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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet timing!

You know what they say about 'sweet timing' right? I would assume that you do, so I am not going to repeat it for you. What I am going to tell you instead is how my latest fascination with webcomic making suddenly had a happy collision with an App from Intel. Yes, Apps and webcomics CAN collide. If you don't believe me, read on.
I am a gadget/software freak by nature; you could say that. But, I had not gotten addicted to using apps as a rule. Very recently, I started doing webcomics on Facebook, by the name of BOING! which have been running nice and smooth and getting a more than decent response from the readers. And just as this is going on, WHAM! An app by the name of "Comics Creator" from Intel hits me flat on my face and throws me off balance. I mean, as General Tapioca from Tintin would say...CARAMBA!

So what is this app again? To put it simply, its the El Dorado of Comic Strip creation. Not only does it provide you a Gazillion characters across close to a dozen types of illustrations, it has a bevy of other features, which make comic strip making look like child's play. While you can drag and drop characters and add from a huge chunk of speech bubbles, there are a host of smart features which let you do SO much more, without being a pro at Photoshop or other design softwares.

To begin with, there is a multiple selection of the kind of strip that you want. Once this is decided, you can go ahead and choose your characters. As I mentioned earlier, there is a huge cache of pre-made characters available, which only means that if you have a Claw instead of a hand in the field of drawing, like in my case, you can rest assured that your comic strip will not look anything short of dazzling. Once this is figured, choose your speech bubbles and you are set! There is also the option of choosing from a bunch of four fonts and innumberable colors to fill in the background.

Incase you want to make a guest appearance in your own strip, its possible! CLICK your own picture and put it in the strip! Yes its possible, and YES, I am going to do it in a short while as soon as I get over the characters. There is also a selection of backgrounds, vehicles and ohmygodsomuch of other little details that you can add to your strip. The app also gives you the freedom to choose from multiple drawing style to mash your style up and create endless oppurtunities.

Oh and the PREVIEW! For every single step, you can click on the preview and it shows Exactly how your comic strip is going to look. Once you are done, click on the button, and you would be given a slick JPG of the final strip! There is also your own place, where you can draw with colours, doodle, yap yap yap. I know I am rambling. But trust me on this, if you were a comic strip enthusiast like me, and using the App, you would know what I was talking about. It promises a LOT more enhancements in the near future, so I am WATCHING out for those, for sure. And here are my littel works of art that I did, with the comics creator...TADA! :D

One little thing that I would like is, if I could just drag and drop my OWN characters in here? THAT would be something. I am sure in a few more enhancements, theres going to be so much more juice into this already meaty app. Oh, and wait for the punchline...it aint come yet.

This App if free...

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